About Hillsdale News Now

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Why We're Here

Hillsdale News Now exists to serve the community of Hillsdale County, Michigan and its surrounding areas by providing a platform for the timely spread of relevant, necessary information and the fostering of public conversation through means that the audience demands.

How We Got Started

HNN is the brainchild of Josh Colletta, and its audience traces its roots back to his Facebook group, "Hillsdale's Hot Debates," as well as his blog, "Josh's Uncommon Sense."  The blog launched in 2006, then re-launched with new purpose in February of 2014.  The group was started in November of 2013, and grew to nearly 500 members before the launch of this site.

The plans for HNN had been in mind for several years prior, but the impetus for its launch came in April and May of 2015, stoked by the controversy surrounding a lack of Hillsdale City Council candidates filing for the upcoming November election and a lack of transparency in the process of hiring a new city manager, details of the latter being unearthed by members of Hot Debates and further made public by a post on Uncommon Sense.  Many people took the opportunity to note a lack of news coverage about the situation, and so, with support from both audiences, Josh redoubled his efforts to launch Hillsdale News Now.  The site went online on August 19th, 2015 with a news story about the appointment of a new city attorney.

Uncommon Sense moved to the site permanently at that time, as well, and the HNN Forums launched at the same time with the invitation to any and all Hot Debates members to join.  Eventually, Hot Debates will shut down and be replaced entirely by the HNN Forums.

In The Future

The vision for HNN is to be a multimedia news outlet with hyperlocal focus.  In addition to text and photographs, we plan to provide audio and video coverage, both live and on-demand.  Additionally, new technologies and innovative presentation will allow us to bring you the news more quickly and effectively than ever before, and we will strive to use whatever is available to us in the furtherance of that mission.  We hope you'll join us to see what the future holds.