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Read This First!

Thanks for joining the Hillsdale News Now Forums!  This is a fairly open venue for public opinion, but we do have a few rules to prevent things from getting out of hand.  We mostly operate on a three-strike enforcement system, but there are a few exceptions.  Let's start with those, first.

Things That Will Get You Permanently Banned

  • No posts containing or linking to nudity or pornography.
    That's simply not what we're here for, and our hosting company doesn't permit such things on its servers, so don't even try.
  • Do not create multiple user accounts.
    Abusing the system in order to impersonate others or to create agreement or interest in your topic will not be tolerated.  If you cannot make your point yourself, that's that.
  • No spam.
    This should go without saying, but intentionally spamming the forums will get you booted very quickly.  Nine times out of ten, if a legitimate user is spamming the forums for no apparent reason, it would be a security problem on our end, not our users fault; so if we start to see such a thing, we won't automatically jump to conclusions.  However, if you are found to be intentionally posting spam messages, you will be banned immediately.

Things That Will Result In Strikes

  • No posts containing or linking to full copies of copyrighted content.
    This particularly includes, but is not limited to, full-length copyrighted material such as whole songs, entire films, full text of books, and other content of that nature.  You are free to quote sections from text or share samples of a copyrighted work for demonstration purposes (for example, a paragraph from a book in a literary discussion or the chorus of a song to identify a specific sound).  Excessive length, however, is not allowed, and will generally be defined as anything beyond the relevance of the applicable discussion.  If you even have the slightest doubt about the legality of what you wish to share, don't post it.  You may ask for clarification if you're unsure, but once a member of the site staff gives you an answer, it's final. 
    NOTE: Content released to the public for sharing by the copyright holders (such as news articles, official music videos on YouTube or TV shows on Hulu, among others) is allowed provided that you follow the rules given by those sites.
  • Heated debates are welcome, but personal attacks are forbidden.
    While we have no rules against rudeness, we do not allow personal attacks.  Name-calling, defamation, threats, revelations of personal and private information, and other such attacks will not be tolerated.  Site staff reserve the right to identify and define personal attacks as they see fit.  Users may report such behavior to site staff for review, and a staff member will administer disciplinary action as necessary.
    NOTE: Accusations of lying or ignorance of facts are perfectly fine, and these get thrown around rather liberally in political debates, which we have no problem with.  However, if you are going to accuse someone of lying, try to have some evidence that proves their argument incorrect, otherwise repeated accusations of lying, either directed toward the same person or any other users, may be considered a personal attack.  Additionally, in extreme cases, repeated rejection of all presented contrary evidence and continued belaboring of your point may also result in a strike, as such behavior may be considered detrimental to productive conversation.

Other Things You Should Know

  • We reserve the right to change these rules as we see fit at any time.
    We will inform you of such changes in this space, however changes may occur and be enforced before we have the opportunity to post about them.
  • The content of any given post in these forums expresses the views and opinions of only the individual who posted it.
    We are not responsible or liable for anything posted in these forums unless said content was posted by a member of the site staff.
  • We keep records of these forums.
    Remember: nothing is ever truly removed from the Internet.  Just because you think you deleted a post, that does not mean that we don't have a copy of it.  Attempting to destroy evidence of wrongdoing will not work.
  • Topics may be moved to a more relevant forum or merged with an existing topic.
    We may find it necessary to move topics if they do not fit the purpose of the forum in which they were originally posted.  We may also merge one thread with another if the topic of conversation is the same or significantly related.  This is merely a housekeeping measure, not a disciplinary one, but we do ask that you please do a forum search to see if your subject has already been brought up before starting a new topic of your own.
  • Anonymity is discouraged, but not unacceptable.
    We ask the users of the site to provide their real name upon registration, but let's face it: that's realistically unenforceable.  We will not punish anyone for using a pseudonym here, but it may reflect negatively upon you if your motives for posting are thought of as questionable.  Rules will always be enforced fairly, but keep in mind that if you're behaving badly, hiding behind a fake name will make the decision to take action against you much easier for us to make.

In short, use good sense and basic Internet etiquette, and you should be fine.  We hope you enjoy your time here!