A Quick Update About Why I've Been So Quiet Lately

Geez, you take a little time to focus on your other job and city government goes straight to Hell.

Yes, I am taking credit at this point for keeping Hillsdale on the straight and narrow, because from all accounts, in the time I’ve been gone to deal with the transition in sports seasons, everything I warned against is coming to pass.  Michelle Loren, whose daddy dearest illegally set the dominoes in motion, is going to get the city clerk job against all good reason and rationale.  Mayor Scott Sessions is letting agenda items be added during meetings which, while not technically illegal, is certainly a violation of the public trust and ethically bankrupt.  Nobody seems to know where the stolen money from the Recreation Department safe went, and as we know from their investigation of Rick Rose, the Michigan State Police are probably never going to give us any information despite any FOIA requests that may be filed, because who needs transparency?

And now I’m hearing a rumor that yours truly has been absent from City Council meetings because I was told by Hillsdale College not to cover city politics any longer.

HAHAHA!  I’d sure love to know what well-placed source the people spreading this rumor claim to have standing behind them!

Believe you me, folks, if there were any truth to that rumor at all, it wouldn’t be a rumor, because you would have heard it from me first.  The fact of the matter is that I discussed my plans with my bosses long before I ever enacted them, and they were and continue to be nothing but supportive of my endeavor.

That’s not to say that they or Hillsdale College endorse my point of view – for the record, I have no idea what either the college or any of its employees’ positions are on what I write.  We’ve discussed that conflicts of interest may arise, and I’ve made it clear that I would state my connection to the school as I always have – I am the public address announcer for both Hillsdale College and Hillsdale Academy – as long as I’m required to write about matters in which the college is involved.  In the future, as I hire reporters, I would assign those stories to someone completely unaffiliated with the college so as to prevent any such issues from coming about.

I’ve explained this before, but I’ll make it absolutely clear so as to ensure no one can twist my words: I've been taking time off of Hillsdale News Now because of the transition between the Fall sports season, consisting of football and volleyball, and the Winter sports season, consisting of basketball.  It's a very busy time of year for me, since we usually host some level of the MHSAA volleyball tournament at the Academy and it takes time for me to prepare all of the music for basketball season... moreso this year than ever before, because I'm now running the music for the college basketball games as well as the junior high and high school games.  That means two music libraries to build and keep current, not to mention the actual games themselves.  It's a very time-consuming job, and when I have games on Monday nights, as often happens toward the beginning and end of a season, I miss council meetings.

That is the only reason I have been absent.  No directive from up the hill, no threats from my political enemies, no cold feet.  Just a lack of time.

You have to remember: I started this site earlier than I was ready for.  We've come a long way in a short time, you and I, here at this little corner of teh interwebz.  I wanted to wait until I had everything in place to launch, but I had to jump the gun because the political situation in this city has become so dire that less than 10% of registered voters even bothered to participate in the last election.  To use a track metaphor, I'm at the front of the pack, but I'm a lap behind, and I'm just now finding my kick.  But we still have plenty of laps to go, and together, we will win this race.

I haven't given up.  Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.