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Justice Served?

It's the (long overdue) very first episode of the Josh's Uncommon Sense Podcast, and the first topic is no light subject matter.  Josh looks at the David Gadelkarim case, the overall process of justice in Hillsdale County, and the part of the story we're not being told.  It's not a good situation, and you need to know exactly why this is happening.

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The Problem of Professional Trolls

The world of social media experienced a bit of an earthquake yesterday.

Strive To Do Better

I’m doing things a bit backwards this week.  Instead of posting the news story about Monday night’s meeting of the Hillsdale City Council, I’m going to post the opinion piece first.  The reason for this is that I was a few minutes late to the meeting, and so I was not present for the discussion around the agenda or the consent agenda, the former playing a key role in the fact that there was no vote to approve Michelle Loren as City Clerk.  While I understand the circumstances perfectly well, I cannot in good conscience write a full news article without the facts that I believe are necessar

A Quick Update About Why I've Been So Quiet Lately

Geez, you take a little time to focus on your other job and city government goes straight to Hell.

You Need To Ask These Questions

All is not well in the City of Hillsdale, and there are many answers that you, as a resident, need to be demanding of several government officials.  Here are but a few.  Don't back down until you get the correct responses.  You'll know them when you hear them, and excuses about why all of this is okay are not included in that list.


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