A Quick Update About Why I've Been So Quiet Lately

Geez, you take a little time to focus on your other job and city government goes straight to Hell.

You Need To Ask These Questions

All is not well in the City of Hillsdale, and there are many answers that you, as a resident, need to be demanding of several government officials.  Here are but a few.  Don't back down until you get the correct responses.  You'll know them when you hear them, and excuses about why all of this is okay are not included in that list.

Where Hillsdale News Now Stands on the Improper City Clerk Ballot Language Issue

I'm writing this editorial as an open letter to our new city attorney, John Lovinger of Marcoux Allen, in order to clarify some misconceptions that seemed to be present after I addressed the City Council in regard to the improper ballot language that led to the city clerk's position becoming appointed rather than elected.


The Courser / Gamrat affair is what happens when theocrats implode.

A New Home

We've moved! Josh welcomes you to the new site and outlines his plans.


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