Was Stillwell Ford Given Fair Consideration?

At Monday night's meeting of the Hillsdale City Council, the city chose Cole Ford Lincoln of Coldwater as the dealership from which to purchase a new 2017 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor.  Cole beat out the Signature dealership of Owosso and Hillsdale's own Ken Stillwell Ford dealership.

Some people, including Councilman Matt Bell, have raised questions over the council's choice to opt for a different line-item – the spotlight package – than was listed in the Cole bid despite the fact that the less-expensive package was what the city had requested to begin with, and there have been concerns that this is a violation of the sealed-bid process, which in turn would violate the city’s own policy of choosing a local bidder over bids from outside the area when bids are within 3% of each other.

So we would like to know: do you feel that Ken Stillwell Ford was given fair consideration in the city’s purchase?

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

No, Stillwell should have been chosen because the bids were all within 3% until the council chose the less-expensive spotlight.
68.57% (24 votes)
Yes, Stillwell was given fair consideration, and their price was higher regardless of the spotlight package submitted by Cole.
22.86% (8 votes)
2.86% (1 vote)
2.86% (1 vote)
2.86% (1 vote)
Total votes: 35